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Andrew Jones

Red Hat
Principal Software Engineer
Andrew (Drew) has been involved in system software development for almost 20 years. Drew has focused over half of those years on Virtualization, starting with pHype at IBM, and then continuing with Xen and KVM/QEMU at Red Hat. For the majority of the last decade he has been leading a team at Red Hat which has the objective of bringing Red Hat's enterprise virtualization stack to AArch64 servers. Additionally, from his first official task as a Software Engineer in 2001, which was to port a test suite to an embedded platform in order to fuzz an RTOS, Drew has kept software testing a top priority. Regarding AArch64 KVM testing, he contributed and maintains the KVM selftests AArch64 port, as well as the Arm/AArch64 support for kvm-unit-tests. His contributions to kvm-unit-tests also include the initial PowerPC support and several framework enhancements which apply to all supported architectures. Drew presented an overview of kvm-unit-tests at KVM Forum 2015.